Privacy Policy

We shall do its best to safeguard your privacy within the legal boundaries

A substantial amount information is collected during rendering services Online For BD in ordinary course of business due to technological or contractual necessity. Online For BD shall do its best to safeguard your privacy within the legal boundaries. In other words we do not collect more data than necessary for proper rendering of Services and we do our best to keep any collected information confidential unless legally obliged otherwise.

Public Content

Any content which is accessible by means of publically available URL

Public information

Any information you wishfully elect to disclose to public or which has been known to public prior to being collected by Online For BD

Private Content

Any stored information accessible exclusively via private account within the terms of Deposit Storage services is confidential and is not subject to review or filtering upon presumption of fair use

Page indexing

Online For BD does not index data or pages to be available in human-readable form and proceeds with reasonable actions to stop any third parties (e.g. search engines) from indexing independently.

IP addresses

IP address of your browser is detected due to the use of Internet-protocols. Such IP address is stored by Online For BD servers for internal use (usage registration, optimal downloads use, statistics etc.)


Online For BD servers store and sort user e-mails for the purposes of registration and statistics. Online For BD does not lease, sell, or provide your e-mails to any third parties

Safe operation

We have taken the security measures at the server’s physical location to protect from loss, incorrect usage, or change of information provided to us by the users of the service. Files, saved at the servers of Online For BD can be accessible only to Online For BD staff members or via a URL initially provided to the uploaded. Any files saved by our service are deleted (I) after a certain term of disuse; (II) for violation of User Agreement, its supplemental agreements or any applicable legislation; or (III) deleted via a special URL initially provided to the uploaded

Advertisers’ access to information

Advertisements located on our website can be posted and/or hosted by a third party, advertisers or their agents. These persons can use the information regarding your visits obtained due to common use of Internet-protocols (geographical location, IP, language and other information automatically disclosed by your browser) to place an advertisement of goods and services that might be interest you. Any information collected at the pages owned by third parties is not subject to this Privacy Policy.